Gladsaxe gymnasium - in English

Fact sheet

Gladsaxe Gymnasium is an upper secondary school and is located in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Gladsaxe Gymnasium has 1.000 students and a teaching staff of 100 and 20 support staff members. The students stay for a three year academic program to prepare them for further studies at college or university. The age of the students is between 16–19 years.

The curriculum includes mandatory subjects and elective subjects. All students must take courses in Danish, history, English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, ancient history, social science, world religion, 2nd language

(French, German or Spanish), a creative subject (drama, music, media studies or art) and physical education.

The students can chose to take some of these subjects at a higher level. All students have mathematics at minimum C-level and can choose to take the subject at B or A-level. This could e.g. be mathematics, physics, English or social science.

The students have a number of electives and can choose courses in subjects such as philosophy, astronomy, IT-studies and Chinese area studies.

During their three-year program the students are engaged in a number of cross curricular projects in which they are trained to work with inter disciplinary problems. This could e.g. be working with pollution seen from a biological and a sociological perspective. Or the Vietnam War from a historical and a fictional point of view as presented in films or novels.

Vision and values

The vision of our school is “We want to educate our students to do their best, to be responsible and curious human beings”

Our values are academic excellence, innovation and cooperation.

We thrive to achieve our goals by focusing on developing different parts of our practice. Focus areas for the years 2012–2016 are defined in the strategy plan

12 – 16. We intend to develop the following four areas; learning environment, innovation, external partners and IT.

The development plan for the school year 2012–2013 supports the strategy and the new projects and initiatives are described in more detail.

One of our goals is to focus on internationalization in and out of the class rooms. In this school year we have close collaboration with schools in Finland, Sweden and Lithuania in a Nordplus project, with schools in Holland and Slovakia, in a science and a language project. We also have an exchange project withKukucínova Gymnázium in Poprad. Finally we have just established a cooperarion agreement with a Chinese secondary school in ShiJazshuang.